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Lilybily Designs creator crocheting in a hammock


Hi there! My name is Sam and I am from Sydney, Australia. This website is designed to show everyone some of the things I like to make.

I have been making things for as long as I remember but in the past few years I have found my biggest crafting love, Crochet. I am self taught (from YouTube and various blogs) and I have really loved working with some amazing patterns, coupled with amazing yarn. Most days you will find me crocheting my latest project on the train to work and at any other opportunity I find during the day.

My other love is making Cards. I like to feature photos that I have taken during my travels throughout Australia and the world (travel is one of my other great loves!) I really enjoy building up multiple layers on the card with different materials and textures. 

Some of the other crafting that I have done over the years includes Earrings, Necklaces and other Jewellery, Keyring’s, Sewing, Personalised Invitations, and various Graphic Design projects. I am keen to try a bit of everything, the only limitation being time!


Sam xx

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